Treatment Ladles for the Production of Ductile (S.G.) Iron

Acetarc treatment ladles are designed to give optimum performance whilst the ladle is operation and also for ease of maintenance and ladle preparation.

Any ladle can be used to make S.G. (Ductile) iron but the small investment in buying a ladle that is specifically designed for the in-ladle treatment process will soon pay for itself by offering:

  • Consistent results
  • Better casting quality
  • Improved yield
  • Longer fade time
  • Reduced alloy costs
  • Reduced fume
  • Reduced slag creation
  • Lower temperature losses
  • Safer ladle operation
  • Ease of ladle operation

Additional Information

Acetarc can offer treatment ladles for all in-ladle ductile iron treatment processes including:

  • Deep Treatment (open top) sandwich process ladles
  • Tundish cover ladles (All variations)
  • Teapot Spout treatment ladle (sometimes referred to as tundish/teapot or pressurised treatment ladle)
  • Wire feed treatment ladles
  • Ladles for plunging ductile treatment stations
  • Ladles for other ductile iron treatment processes
  • Porous Plug desulphurising Ladles (For both batch and continuous processes)

Many treatment ladle designs are supplied with detachable base sections as standard. Treatment ladles can be supplied with either manually operated gearboxes or motorised gearboxes as required.

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Quality and Approvals

Acetarc is ISO 9001:2015, approved company, the staff are P.E.D. trained. Acetarc carries out testing on all its products, and witness testing and inspecting supervised by the customers nominated testing agency as and when required.

All materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with full documentation, test certificates and full traceability.