Transfer & Casting Ladles

Acetarc transfer and casting ladles are designed for the efficient and safe transportation and pouring of all types of molten metals. Acetarc ladles transfer and casting ladles are based on either our medium-duty WESTMINSTER design or the heavy-duty WORKHORSE design, both of which are long proven designs.

Additional Information

Both ladle designs are robustly manufactured to give long and trouble free service in the foundry environment, whilst also being easy for a foundry’s own personnel to maintain so that downtime is minimised.

We appreciate that each customer may have their own specific needs, therefore our ladles can either be offered in a standard range of capacities and sizes or can be offered designed and manufactured to suit a customer’s exact requirements. For example, ladles that are to be used with pre-formed liners can have the ladle shell sized to suit the standard size of the liner to be used. Ladles that are to be used with high-temperature steel alloys can be fitted with an air-vented centre band (AVB) to reduce the heat transference from the ladle to the sidearms and gearbox.

Depending on the ladle design and capacity, ladles can be supplied as un-geared (crane tilt), lever tilt, manually operated gearbox or motorised gearbox for powered rotation.

Transfer and casting ladles can be offered with a choice of pouring spouts to suit your exact requirements, ranging from standard lip-pour to extended lip-pour and teapot spout. Special spouts, such as back slagging spouts, can be fitted where required. Ladle shells can incorporate features such as removable base sections to assist with the fitting/removal of the refractory lining of the ladle.

Where requested, ladles can be supplied with covers (a number of standard designs are available). As standard Workhorse ladles are fitted with trunnion splash guards and a heat shield, to protect the lifting hook.

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Quality and Approvals

Acetarc is ISO 9001:2015, approved company, the staff are P.E.D. trained. Acetarc carries out testing on all its products, and witness testing and inspecting supervised by the customers nominated testing agency as and when required.

All materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with full documentation, test certificates and full traceability.