Teapot Spout Ladles

Teapot spout ladles are commonly used when pouring steel and steel alloys but can also be used for pouring other metals.

By taking the metal from the base of the ladle, slag and other impurities in the metal are held back resulting in a cleaner pour of metal from the ladle. Teapot spouts are available in a number of designs and can also be adapted to suit specific requirements such as where a pre-cast ladle liner is to be used.

Small capacity ladles usually have half –round designs whilst larger teapot spout ladles tend to have a square type spout. Where required, detachable front plates are fitted to aid the lining operation.

Teapot spouts can also be extended where it is necessary to increase the pouring reach. On teapot spout ladles, the ladle centre of gravity is calculated to take into account the weight of teapot spout so that the position of the trunnions is optimised.

Teapot spout ladles are usually fitted with a lip-pour spout at the rear of the ladle so that any “dirty” metal can be poured out of the ladle without passing through the teapot spout, with the risk of developing a build up of slag/dross in the teapot spout.

Additional Information

Extended Spouts

Where required, teapot spout and lip-pour spout designs can also be offered as extended spouts to increase the pouring reach. This is a common addition on U shaped and drum ladles but extended spouts can also fitted to other types of ladle.

Back Slagging Spouts

Where the process requires it, ladles can have slagging spouts fitted at the rear of the ladle. The slagging spout is shaped to assist with the removal of slag from the top of the ladle and is typically square or rectangular to give better access when raking off the slag.

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Acetarc Motorised Foundry Ladle with Teapot Spout

Acetarc Foundry Ladle Pouring

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