Steam Train Restoration

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Acetarc Engineering, a family owned and run company, are proud to offer our skills and capabilities to people and societies who have a need for heritage restoration engineering projects.

From bespoke replicas from the age of steam and canals to parts for classic vehicles, we pride ourselves on our ability to cover a wide array of projects. Restoration, replicating or repair, either working to original drawings and sketches or working from the original item. We have carried out many projects for the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (Kwvr). Past projects have included the manufacture of a new 5500 gallon tender tank for locomotive No. 34092 City of Wells, manufactured against original drawings supplied by the National Railway museum in York.

The fabrication of a replica saddle tank, complete with rivets Re-engineering of brake shoes for steam engines. Re-sleeved with cast iron and white metal then machined to original tolerances. Re-engineering of con rod big ends for steam engines. Re-lined with white metal then machined to original tolerances. The supply of new drag box, fully fabricated and machined using the original item as a template. The manufacture of new pistons, to original drawings, with re-engineered piston rods. Via our subsidiary company Allan Green & Son, we have also supplied new gears for classic British motorcycles and for vintage cars.

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