Safe-Pour Systems

The Acetarc SAFE-POUR is a battery powered bottom pouring unit that enables the ladle operator to control the bottom pouring of the metal at a safe distance using a radio remote control system.

The SAFE-POUR unit is self-contained and can be retro-fitted to ladles, including ones not manufactured by Acetarc.

There is no requirement to have a power feed cable connection which means that the SAFE-POUR ladle can be used on any crane.

Also, as the unit is self-contained, the ladle can be rotated without the need to disconnect either a power cable or hydraulic hoses.
The Safe-pour unit either on its own or combined with a motor drive for the controlled rotation of the ladle, can assist a foundry in the support of the Zero Harm safety initiative.

Contact the Acetarc design office for further details.

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