Porous Plug Ladles - Desulphurisation Processes

Acetarc can add porous plug preps (Gas Diffuser Preps) to ladles where the customer requires it.
The porous plug, often referred to as a gas diffuser, or a purging plug is a refractory nozzle installed into the base lining of the ladle that enables an inert gas to be introduced into the ladle to create a stirring action within the molten metal.
This stirring action can be used to mix additives into the metal to process the metal whilst it is in the ladle.

Additional Information

Acetarc can add the necessary preps to the base of the ladle that will allow the gas diffuser to be withdrawn externally from the base of the ladle.
Where the ladle requires more than one gas diffuser, the ladle can be fitted with a gas delivery system that enables a single connection to supply the gas to the various diffusers.
The ladle is also obviously modified to take into account the requirements of fitting the gas diffuser.
Acetarc can take this a step further and adapt the complete ladle design for a specific purpose such as it being used as a desulphurisation ladle.
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