Acetarc Monorail & Crane Systems

Acetarc Monorail Systems provides a flexible overhead material handling solutions for loads up to 20,000Kg.

Acetarc Crane Systems offers a bespoke range of cranes to suit your specific application.

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Acetarc Monorail Systems

Acetarc Monorail Systems providing flexible overhead material handling solutions for loads up to 20,000Kg.

Acetarc Engineering design, manufacture and install overhead monorail systems to provide cost-effective, efficient and safe handling solutions for a range of industries. Creates a fixed route between work areas thereby making it easier to regulate and control the workflow whilst improving workplace safety. Removes the need for secondary uncontrolled handling equipment. Monorail systems can incorporate bends, switches, turntables and lift/lower units to give complete design control over the layout.

Monorail systems can be fitted with bus-bar and supplied with powered trolleys or, for lighter loads, can be supplied as push travel systems. Monorail systems can also include in-line weigh stations for process control and PLC control for safe and efficient workflow management. Acetarc Engineering is the UK’s authorised dealer for TC/American Monorail Equipment.

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Acetarc Crane Systems

Acetarc can provide a range of bespoke cranes to suit your specific application. From light load push travel systems through to fully powered single or double girder cranes with radio remote control.

We can also provide a range of gantry cranes, jib cranes and davit cranes for a wide range of industries.

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Quality and Approvals

Acetarc is ISO 9001:2015, approved company, the staff are P.E.D. trained. Acetarc carries out testing on all its products, and witness testing and inspecting supervised by the customers nominated testing agency as and when required.

All materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with full documentation, test certificates and full traceability.