Lip-Axis Pouring Units

In addition to the standard range of Acetarc foundry ladles, Acetarc design and manufacture molten metal pouring units that can be specifically made to suit your exact requirements.

These pouring units are intended to either provide the main pouring system to a high-speed automatic moulding line or are to provide a back-up pouring system to an auto-pour unit where there is a need to pour different types of molten metal which the auto-pour unit does not have the flexibility to cope with.

Additional Information

The pouring systems can be offered with manual control or varying degrees of automatic control.

The pouring systems can be either static or can track along the pouring line depending on the customer’s requirements. Typically the pouring unit will have movement in all axis to enable the unit to be accurately set up and maintain the pouring position.

Tilting of the pouring unit mimics lip-axis tilting so that the pouring spout movement is minimised as the vessel is rotated. Our design office will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Acetarc foundry ladle lip-axis pouring brochure 2013

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Quality and Approvals

Acetarc is ISO 9001:2015, approved company, the staff are P.E.D. trained. Acetarc carries out testing on all its products, and witness testing and inspecting supervised by the customers nominated testing agency as and when required.

All materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with full documentation, test certificates and full traceability.