Ladles With Motorised Gearing

All Acetarc Workhorse heavy-duty foundry ladles can be fitted with a motor gear assembly for powered rotation.

The motor gear assembly comprises of an Acetarc Oil-bath gearbox linked via a clutch to a motor gear unit.

The motor gear unit can be fitted with either an electric or pneumatic motor. Powered rotation speeds can be set to suit a customer’s requirements. If required, the motor gear unit can be quickly disengaged, without the need for special tools, and the ladle rotated manually.

The Acetarc oil-bath gearbox fitted to the motor gear ladle is the same size unit that would be fitted to a manually rotated ladle of the same capacity.

Electric motor units also incorporate a torque limiter safety overload.

Electric motor supply voltage and frequency can be set to suit your local requirements.

Control Equipment for motorised ladles.

We can offer a number of options with regard to control equipment, including:

  • Inverter control for variable speed rotation.
  • Radio remote control for electric drives.
  • Pendant or lever control for pneumatic drives.

Please see the Acetarc Motor Ladle Brochure or contact our design office for further details.




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