Ladle Pre-heaters

Acetarc Ladle Gas Fired Pre-Heaters For optimum life and performance modern refractory linings need to be properly pre-heated prior to the ladle being filled with molten metal. However many foundries still use basic pre-heat methods based on either a gas flame poker with a “lazy flame” or a simple gas/air burner without a cover.

These basic systems lack control and their energy efficiency is notoriously poor with most of the energy heating the surrounding area rather than the actual ladle. A basic pre-heating system can also be prone to uneven distribution of the heat inside the ladle so that the ladle has both hot & cold spots in the refractory lining that lead to premature lining failure and variable metal. Neither is it usual for the basic pre-heat methods to incorporate safety systems such as automatic flame failure protection or push button flame ignition.

These basic pre-heat systems often require ignition from a secondary flame source such as a burning rag or taper which can lead to safety issues.

A properly designed Ladle pre-heater provides a solution to all the above and gives a far more safe, cost-effective, efficient and controlled method of pre-heating a ladle.

A properly designed Acetarc ladle Pre-heater can help to:

  • Improve safety by incorporating automatic flame failure protection systems and remote ignition systems. Save Money, by being far more fuel-efficient than the traditional pre-heat methods.
  • Reduce refractory lining damage caused by thermal shock.
  • Reduce skull & dross formation caused by pouring metal into a cold ladle.
  • Help to minimise the reduction of the temperature loss of the metal whilst it is in the ladle.
  • Ensure that the ladle is evenly pre-heated so that the refractory lining life is maximised.
  • Allow the furnace melting temperature to be reduced.

All Acetarc pre-heater systems include automatic flame failure protection or push button flame ignition as standard.

Acetarc pre-heaters are supplied with an integral combustion fan so do not need a compressed air supply. Acetarc Pre-heaters can be supplied with control options ranging from simple HI/LOW operation through to fully modulating flame control, with thermocouple feedback for maximum efficiency.

Acetarc Pre-heaters can be supplied to use either natural gas or LPG. As an additional option, Acetarc pre-heaters can also be supplied with an extended control package that enables the pre-heater units to be used for the initial drying of completely new linings that have a high moisture content.

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Acetarc Foundry Ladle Pre-heater Flame SO 414 002

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