Foundry Ladles

Proven in foundries around the world and backed by over 45 years of practical experience Acetarc Foundry ladles are designed and manufactured to give many years of reliable service when used in the typical foundry environment. Our ladles are designed and manufactured to either comply with or exceed current British and European standards where applicable. Equipment is CE certified and is supplied with a letter of conformity.

All Acetarc  ladles are made to order using a range of standard and long proven assemblies. This means that we can quickly and cost effectively adapt the basic designs to suit your specific requirements.

The more information you can give us, the more accurately we can interpret your requirements.

For an accurate quote it will greatly assist us if you can supply the following information below:

  • Working capacity of the ladle.
  • Type and density of the molten metal the ladle is to be used with.
  • Type and purpose of the ladle (i.e. casting, transport, treatment etc).
  • Pouring type (Lip-pour, bottom pour, teapot spout , etc.)
  • Type of gearing required ( Un-geared, manually operated gearbox, motorised gearbox)
  • Refractory lining allowance required.
  •  Typically how much daily use the ladle is to have.
  •  Any special features that you might require incorporating into the design.
  •  How the ladle is to be handled (OHC/ monorail, FLT, special handing device etc).

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