Forklift Truck Ladles

Acetarc Engineering design and manufacture foundry ladles that are adapted for the safe and efficient transportation and pouring of molten metal using fork lift trucks. Designs range from un-geared ladles that are exclusively handled and rotated using a FLT fitted with rotary forks through to geared crane ladles that have fork pockets added to assist with the safe and efficient transportation of the ladle using a FLT before being handled and poured using an overhead crane.

We also design and manufacture ladles that are mounted on a sub-frame to enable the ladle to be transported and tilted using a FLT that doesn’t have a rotary fork attachment. The tilting can either be done using an manually operated gearbox mounted on the ladle frame or the sub-frame can use hydraulics that attach to the FLT auxiliary hydraulic system and is directly controlled by the operator from the FLT cab.




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