Drum and U Shaped Ladles

Acetarc drum and U shaped ladles can be supplied for capacities up to 10,000Kg (22,000lb) C.I. as standard. Larger capacities can be offered as specials.

Drum & U shaped ladle designs can offer advantages where headroom is limited, typically being shorter than a geared crane ladle of the same capacity.

Drum ladles have an enclosed shell, with a filling slot and a pouring spout, thereby offering a high degree of        protection to the operator. Both end plates, and a section of the drum body can be un-bolted to aid with the refractory lining process.

U shaped ladles are often open at the top but can be supplied with bolt-on covers to both guard against metal splash and to reduce temperature losses.

This type of ladle is often fitted with an a extended teapot spout so that the ladle can be fully emptied without    needing to rotate the ladle through 90º degrees. Spout movement is therefore usually less than it would be with a standard crane ladle.

Both the drum and U shaped types of ladle are often supplied on a stand to create an un-heated receiver




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