Crucible Handling Equipment

Acetarc Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of equipment for the handling of crucibles.

Internal crucible carriers are used for the handling of new crucibles and are specifically designed to allow a crucible liner to be safely and efficiently installed into a furnace.

External crucible carriers are designed for the handling of hot crucibles, when filled with molten metal, and the range covers external lifting devices plus tilting cradles that can be used for pouring.

We can supply:

  • Lifting tongs
  • Scissor lift tongs
  • Hand shank carrier, double and single.
  • Tilting cradles, either lever tilt or with a gearbox
  • Crucible internal lifter.
  • Drossing Spoons
  • Designed and manufactured to suit the crucibles you use. Contact our design office for further details.




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