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Cast Expo 2016

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Cast Expo 2016! Acetarc had the pleasure of sharing booth space with our American representatives Palmer Manufacturing & Supply Inc at the Cast Exhibition 2016 which this year was hosted in Minneapolis. Acetarc were exhibiting the 2 ton capacity work horse ladle with 3 speed motor drive and radio […]

#3 Installations Lessons Learnt 12/03/16

Installations Lessons Learnt What do I want, as a supplier, when it comes to an installation? In short, to walk away from a completed installation leaving a satisfied customer and with that little warm feeling inside knowing that it’s a job well done. All installations obviously have to be completed so can be deemed successful […]

#2 Foundry Ladle Maintenance and Trouble Shooting 10/10/15

Foundry Ladle Maintenance and Trouble Shooting In many foundries the ladle is still the most common method for transporting and pouring molten metal.  Compared to many other pieces of foundry equipment, the typical ladle is still a fairly basic item with a design that hasn’t changed greatly for decades. A workhorse of the foundry, it […]

#1 Defects Prevention 01/04/2015

Defects Prevention through Proper Metal Transport and Ladling By Steven Harker, Technical Director Acetarc Engineering. Co. Ltd There’s an old Irish joke, probably also claimed by many other countries, where a English tourist, lost on the back roads of Ireland, asks a local for directions on how to get to a scenic village, to which […]

Cupola Project in Devon

During August, Acetarc oversaw the removal of an obsolete Cupola at Northfield Foundry in Devon. Our works director, Chris headed down to Brixham to assist in the decommission of an old cupola and the installation of a brand new one.  

Simple Solutions That Work! – April 2015

The latest edition of Simple Solutions by our North American Representatives is online for you to view at (http://www.palmermfg.com/articles.htm) Below are 2 pages which we wrote for the magazine! SSTW! – April 2015 Page 1 SSTW! – April 2015 Page 2