Allan Green & Son Gear Cutting Capacity

Precision Engineering and gear cutting. We operate under an ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality system.

Based in Yorkshire and founded in 1925, Allan Green & Son possess a wealth of skill and experience in the field of general precision engineering and gear cutting. We can provide a fast, efficient and cost effective service for the supply all types of gears in a range of materials to suit the customer’s requirements. From high volume production runs to single custom made gears. We can manufacture, either working from your drawings or using samples as a template.

Our design office can accept your drawing files in most industry standard formats.

  • Spur gears
    Up to 32” diameter 6” face x 1-1/2 dp (16 mod) pitch
  • Bevel gears (straight cut)
    1:1 ratio 18” p.c.d.  4” face width x 3dp (8 mod)
  • Worms (multi-start)
    Up to 7” diameter  pitch 2-1/2 dp (10 mod)
  • Wormwheels (multi-start)
    Up to 18” centres pitch 1-1/2 dp (16 mod)
    Subject to worm diameter
  • Racks
    Up to 3 metres long 3dp (8 mod)
  • Chain sprockets
    Up to 32” diameter   2” pitch
  • Internal and external splines
  • Ratchet wheels
  • Thread mill (acme, trapezoidal, etc)
  • Tooth rounding
  • Keyways (imperial and metric


Allan Green (Acetarc) capacity 2p flyer

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