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An ever-expanding company, located in the north of England, with a global footprint. Established since 1967, Acetarc Engineering an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company that specialises in the design and manufacture of foundry equipment, principally with regard to molten metal handling and pouring. The Acetarc range of ladles are used in foundries around the world.

The Workhorse, reflects Acetarc’s Yorkshire heritage and symbolises the design ethos for our foundry equipment; solid, heavy-duty and dependable under heavy prolonged use. In addition to the built to last ladles, Acetarc’s range of equipment also expands to molten metal pouring systems, monorail systems, furnace charging systems, crucible handling equipment and cupola melting plants.

Key Services

Foundry Ladles

Used in foundries all around the world Acetarc Foundry Ladles are designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable service.

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Ladle Pre-Heaters

Acetarc Engineering offer a safe, cost effective, efficient and controlled method of pre-heating your foundry ladles.

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Handling Systems

Designed and manufactured by our foundry engineering experts to suit both the Internal and external carrier crucibles you use.

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Auto-Pour Systems

Acetarc can offer a cost-effective, un-heated, semi-automatic pouring systems that enable high pouring rates.

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Steel Fabrication

Acetarc has full design and fabrication capability to tackle a wide range of steel fabrications based on your drawings and designs or our teams input.

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Valve Manufacturing

A manufacturing division of Acetarc Limited, Sealand Valves specialises in the design and manufacture of valves to supply to maritime and land=based companies worldwide.

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Gear Cutting & Machining

Acetarc's subsidiary company Allan Green & Son specialise in the repair, supply and expert renovation of gears and sub-contract machining to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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Acetarc have complete design & manufacturing capability, backed by practical experience, enabling us to supply bespoke equipment to suit your exact requirements.

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